Judge Cory Brandolyn Red
Judge Cory
Judge and occasional streamer of DCC games at DCC_Mayhem. Loves the Goodman Games RPG lines and deep unerring roots in the Call of Cthulhu RPG. I only played with Jerry
a few times, and I was mostly an acquaintance. I attended Jerry's memorial service and I was astounded with what I learned about this incredible gentleman we had lost, and the realization of the loss his family, friends and our world has experienced. Thanks for making this a better place, Jerry!

CK Jim
Jim's start in the hobby is a distant memory, but he does remember the fatefull day in Lake Geneva when he met Gary Gygax, and played D&D. Since then Jim's grown to enjoy the hobby and a wide range of rpgs. Castles & Crusades is one of his favorites. When not gaming you'll find him on online message boards trying to find Phish tickets. While Jim knew Jerry only briefly, he did surprise at one convention when he and Ryan showed up as wererats in game ran by DM NICK.
DM Nick
DM Nick
DM Nick was a close friend of Jerry’s for many years - and is still writing Return to the Tower of Faces for the Crawl for the Cure. Nick wrote Tower of Faces published by Goodman Games.

In his gaming life, Edwin works for Frog God Games as a project manager and 5e developer and is a multiyear member of the Skype of Cthulhu podcast cast. Born in the Midwest but living in Maine, he is excited to be joining this Midwestern crew to have some fun and raise some funds. He’s also celebrating the end of a long semester of teaching on the 12th.

Wannabe Spaceknight who bleeds green for Call of Cthulhu and other slow-burn horror TTRPGs. When not running games at Cons or online, I can be found backpacking in some forest or on some mountain, fiddling with my gear and dreaming of my first thru-hike. I lost my father to cancer in Oct 2020 and will continue his fight against this horrific disease with the same level of commitment.

Late starter, and plays more often than ever would have thought. Usually makes mistakes when creating characters, and has no problem with a good pre-gen. Snacks way too much while gaming.

Forrest Aguirre has been an avid roleplayer since 1978. An accomplished author and editor of fiction, having recently seen his novellas Varvaros Ascensions and The Simulacra published, Forrest has also written Beyond the Silver Scream for DCC RPG and Killer of Giants and (Co-written) Umerica Unnatural for the Umerican setting of DCC. He is currently at work on three other RPG projects for Dungeon Crawl Classics or Mutant Crawl Classics. You can follow Forrest's blog at

Got back into playing RPGs 5 years ago after a long hibernation and started running my first games ever (Dungeon Crawl Classics was my first!) a year after that.

Troubador of Trolls, Raconteuse of Rigel, and Chronicler of Cthulhu.

Leader of the Feckless, Champion of the Ne'er-do-wells, Seeker of Mediocrity


Jim Meyers started gaming in the mid 80's. After an almost 30 year hiatus from RPG's, an invitation to GenCon 2013 relit the flame and he jumped back in with both feet. Starting with Pathfinder and now DCC and Dark Trails. He GM's, Has playtested for Breaker Press and 2 Old Guys Games, and participates in streaming events with 2OGG.

Jim lost a close lifelong friend (and gaming buddy) to cancer several years ago and is happy to join in the fight to find a cure!

MagnusMagnus is a viking from the frozen north of Scandinavia, joining this quest to vanquish cancer. When not plundering villages on the Anglian coast, he tames computers and drinks coffee doing it.

Ryan first D&D character was Keyop the paladin, created back in 4th grade. When Keyop died, Ryan ran upstairs for a quick cry - his DM friend immediately let him roll up a Keyop II. It’s likely his clunky playing style has barely changed since.

Judge Julian is a long time GM of oldschool games and freelance writer who has done work for Goodman Games, Shield of Faith Studios, Order of the Quill and Steve Bean Games. He also co-hosts the Ennie-award winning Spellburn podcast about all things DCC RPG and published his first book of poetry this year, "A Record of the Most Unfortunate Doings at Castle Bash."