Hello all! It’s been crazy and hectic – there has been an outpouring of support on all sides from sponors and aside from IRL crazy, we’ve and some new curves in the way donations will run this year via Tiltify, we have our work cut out for us!

I put out this audio spot to promote the Crawl – if anybody knows of anybody who’d like to promote our event and would like to run it on their podcast or stream, we’d be in your debt.

We look forward to the Mighty Deeds which will be displayed on December 11th! Excited and nervous, we delve into the depths! Thanks for you support and we hope to see you on Saturday, December 11th on DCC Mayhem!

Heroes will Rise


Cory Welch

The Jerry Stefek Memorial Crawl for the Cure


Hi all! I just wanted to get you an update – I sent out inquiries for sponsors for the event, and we have gotten tremendous response! Most are on the Sponsors page, but we have a few I don’t have official artwork or company statements from them, so I’ll just mention them here. Our current lineup of incredible sponors:

  • Goodman Games (DCC, MCC, XCC, Fifth Edition Fantasy)
  • Purple Sorcerer Games (DCC Adventures and incredible online gaming tools to enhance your gaming!)
  • Stiff Whiskers Press (Weird Frontiers RPG (formerly Dark Trails RPG))
  • 2 Old Guy Games (DCC and 5th Edition Adventures)
  • Frog God Games (Swords and Wizardry and 5th Edition Modules)
  • Dandyline Games (The Dare Luck Club RPG, DLC and MCC Adventures)
  • MudPuppy Games (MCC and Adventure gaming supplements (SCIENTIFIC BARBARIAN!) and figures)
  • Thick Skull Adventures (DCC, MCC and Weird Frontiers/Black Powder, Black Magic RPG Adventures)
  • and we’re hoping many more!!!

This has been an INCREDIBLE outpouring of support and I am proud to be a part of such a generous community! We have our sights set on AWESOME! Buckle up!




Hello all! I apologize for the dead air on the site – it has been a challenging 2021 for Judge Cory with increased work, family passings and family medical issues. Unfortunately, I could not arrange for my desired tournament at Gamehole Con this year, but we are looking to make it up at Gamehole Con IX in 2022!

However, with this massive support we received last year on our online streaming games, we would love to continue that tradition and bring in as much gamer support as possible for this awesome cause, the American Cancer Society! We’re planning more incredible systems and raffle prize support for your generous donations to this most worthy cause!

We will work to get these details in place for our stream in December! Please check the site and your favorite gaming media where you found this post for updates! We can’t wait to make a difference with our beloved hobby with your support! Quest on, adventurer!


The Crawl has ended, but the loot was eye-boggling! Although many characters died in funnel games, their sacrifice was not in vain!

THANK YOU, all our tremendous donors, for contributing to The Jerry Stefek Memorial Crawl for the Cure 2020! Gamers and friends raised $1,527.17 between the Jerry Stefek Memorial site and PayPal to aid in cancer research and support! We are amazed by your support this year, and we hope to extend further and do more Good next year!

Check out the Treasure Room for the event: 66 Crawler Donations and 20 Monster Donations (>$25) led us up to our total! FUN STUFF!

Thank you to our amazing sponsors contributing their awesome work to our donors: Goodman Games, Purple Sorcerer Games, Stiff Whiskers Press, Gamehole Publishing, Troll Lord Games, 2 Old Guy Games, and Doug Kovacs/

Please visit their sites and take a look at their extraordinary products:

Thank you also to Goodman Games and Troll Lord Games for hosting us during openings in their broadcast schedule on Twitch!

A very special thank you to Steve Seminerio and Hazel Welch for putting in the long hours with me to make this event a possibility – it would not have happened without you!

Thank you to our GMs, DM Nick and CK Jim for all their hard work getting their excellent adventures online for your enjoyment and spending the additional time working with us to get it through to Twitch for the viewers. Your time and talents are invaluable to the cause!

Thank you players for spending your day playing adventures with us and entertaining our audience! A very special thank you to Edwin Nagy and Rom Elwell for playing every game from start to finish (14 hours+!) to bring on the fun! Without the masterful tutelage of Edwin and his other artisans at Team Neg (, the Crawl for the Cure would never have existed!

We do have some raffle prizes to determine that our tired admins lost in the cracks and we’ll get the communications out to everybody for their prizes very soon. It was an amazing event and we hope to make it all the better next year. Thank you, all, for helping us spread Good through this event!

One week to go!

Hard at work testing for The Jerry Stefek Memorial Crawl for the Cure 2020 with Steve and Hazel! A disturbing snack choice of squishy sea gummies with a disconcerting Cthulhu cultist and her dog enjoying the tentacle attack… (They are tasty, though!)

Things are looking way cool and Haze helped me update the site quite a bit. ( Check it out for the game schedule and raffle update as well as our player roster! We have a fine RPG pedigree joining the event as players including the Roadworthy Jeff Bernstein (Purple Sorcerer funnel!), Glowburn’s past host and author Forrest Aguirre (Dark Trails demo funnel!), Spellburn’s Julian Bernick (Castles & Crusades) and Edwin Nagy (from the Skype of Cthulhu podcast, who will be in all day for THE LONG HAUL)! The OBS is shaping up pretty and is going to be a barrel o’ fun! Please check out the site for game day Twitch viewing and donation details for December 12th! We’d be honored to see you there! Thanks, all!


Some more “why we do what we do”: The American Cancer Society provides support and learning for patients and their families in difficult times. In the year not to be named, you can only imagine the additional stress this year’s COVID-19 spread adds to the already stressful holidays for patients in a stressed and weakened state from their disease. This article provides great advice for coping with the holidays not only for patients, but also for loved ones who have experienced loss. Please donate and help us to provide support for those who can benefit from ACS funded aid!

American Cancer Society Spotlight: Diet and Physical Activity Guidelines

An example of what your donations go to! In this article, the American Cancer Society has updated the guidelines of the best practices to keep you and your family healthy and cancer-free. Please donate on December 12th and help ACS do this great work!

TJSMCftC 2020 Audio Spot!

We’ve put together an audio spot for The Jerry Stefek Memorial Crawl for the Cure 2020!

We’ve put together this audio spot to spread the word about the Crawl, with incredible royalty free music from Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech! If you know of any suitable podcast that may be interested in spreading the word, please contact us at so we can help spread the word! Thank you!

“Hero Down” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License 


We have settled on a date! We’ll be running the play-a-thon style Jerry Stefek Memorial Crawl for the Cure on Saturday, December 12th starting at 10 AM CST! Many games, great players, and we hope many dollars will be raised for the American Cancer Society in Jerry’s name! Watch on us Twitch channel DCC Mayhem to catch all the adventure!

Join us to pledge your loot to this great cause – all collected donations minus transaction fees from the collecting entities (GoFundMe and PayPal, see the fees detail page) will be given to the American Cancer Society for their great work! You donations will put you in hourly drawings during our event for exciting RPG products from our generous sponsors!

Your donations can also influence the game play as you watch! Throw some crazy into the games – you deserve it! Your charitable donations will give this world incredible things, and we want you to reap the rewards of our appreciation for your help with the cause. Give our Game Masters and players some chewy good chaos to chew on, or give the players a boon to survive the next encounter; it’s all up to you!

All donations over $3 will physically receive the collectable poker chip token of The Jerry Stefek Memorial Crawl for the Cure 2020 and the chip from the first crawl in 2019, mailed to your door! (While supplies last.) Let your Good Karma be your Fleeting Luck!

Details will be supplied in the upcoming weeks – thank you for your support and we hope to see you online to cheer us on for the Crawl for the Cure!!!!