Hello all! Greetings from the crew at The Jerry Stefek Memorial Crawl for the Cure! We hope you are having a great summer, and we’re all looking forward to the upcoming Crawl for the Cure events: Gamehole Con 9 in October and Ethermeet in December! We will do more Good for the American Cancer Society in the memory of our friend, Jerry Stefek!

This year we’ll be running a double table funnel tournament with a highly revamped and expanded The Shambling Un-Dead, the Goodman Games 2016 0-level funnel tournament module.  We’re adding many encounters and changing the face of the others, so it should be a new experience for all to enjoy! We’re working out the details, but it should be a great time with a lot of chaotic fun between dueling tables and players vying to become the Sovereign of the Soulless at Gamehole Con 9! Come and take a seat whenever you have free time in your schedule and launch your 0-level character to the path of Gold and Glory for the cause!

We will be running the tournament at Gamehole Con on Saturday, October 22nd from 10 AM until 8 PM CDT, and we can use your help to make this Crawl a huge success!  We are looking for volunteers during that time frame to help out with running the event:

  • Marshaling players to spots
  • Collecting donations
  • Signing in new victims
  • Updating leaderboards
  • Social media updates
  • Running some time at the second table!

If anyone would be interested in donating an hour or two (or more!) to the cause for our greater success, we would love to have you aboard!  I will personally cover your entry into the tournament for the day as a thank you, and we are going to have a TON of fun in tragic ends and amassing treasure towards the cause, helping victims and loved ones affected by cancer by supporting the American Cancer Society’s Good works! Please e-mail us at jerryscrawlforthecure@gmail.com or DM me directly (Cory Welch on Facebook) to discuss!

Thank you all for your tremendous support for the Crawl for the Cure over the years! We look forward to the Mighty Deeds we shall put forth for those in need! Thank you!


Judge Cory got the INCREDIBLE chance to play with Mike Mason and Paul Fricker (of Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition co-author fame! (and Paul – The awesome Good Friends of Jackson Elias Podcast!)), Bridgett Jefferies of the Miskatonic University Podcast and the author of Pirate Borg himself, Luke Stratton at Necronomicon Providence 2022 last Saturday night! Luke and Limithron will be airing it on his You Tube channel tonight, August 23, 2022 at 6 PM CDT! Of course, I took the opportunity to promote The Jerry Stefek Memorial Crawl for the Cure in the process!

Fair warning – we’re rum swilling, foul-mouthed pirates will some psychedelic drugs into the adventure mix, so not one for the kiddies, but an incredible Borgian play setting. I am absolutely taken by it.

Enjoy if ye dare!

Website updating!

Hi all! Judge Cory is finally getting some momentum towards getting the site updated. There are plenty of details to come as we plan and prepare for Gamehole and Ethermeet! We are excited to bring you great game play and stories which influence lives of the affected and leave memories high adventure for years to come! Thank you for your support!


Cory Welch and Staff
The Jerry Stefek Memorial Crawl for the Cure


Hello all! Happy 2022! I just wanted to put out another update for The Jerry Stefek Memorial Crawl for the Cure: Ethermeet 2021! The memorial tokens are in and our crew fought the Chicago cold to get together and package up the physical thank yous for your incredible support for the Crawl! All the memorial tokens and physical rewards coming out of Crawl HQ have been packaged up and I’ll get these sent out this week as soon as I can get a block of time to get the postage figured and get them to the Post Office!

I also wanted to share with you this thank you letter from the American Cancer Society and Maryland’s Hope Lodge! The PayPal collected earnings were collectively approved by the donors and sponsors for this opportunity, allowing us to have our donation matched by the Schulze Family Foundation up to $2 million dollars to help folks in need. Our donation helps cancer victims, loved ones and caregivers better cope with their struggle during their care with free lodging and programs at the Hope Lodge! Thank you all for your gift to those who will benefit from this aid!

Happy New Year to all, thank you for your generosity and we’ll see you at the next Crawl – Gamehole Con 9, 2022!


Hello Crawlers! I am sorry about the late response from after the Crawl – a flurry of evil from a certain logging module up-ended the tech world a bit and I’m still in recovery! Thanks to you all for your patience!

We have tallied all between Tiltify and PayPal donations, as we have posted earlier, we received an astounding $3,160.23! One good thing came out of the delay, we were given an opportunity to double our impact by donating to a facility called the Hope Lodge in Baltimore, Maryland. (https://cancer.org/Baltimore) The facility provides programs and support to cancer patients and caregivers in the Baltimore area. The Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation is pledging to match $2 million in donations to expand and renovate the facility and these support programs!

We took a vote of our donors and sponsors on whether to support ACS directly for research and support, or to use the money to match the project, and the overwhelming decision was to use the money for the Hope Lodge project; we have allocated these funds to the cause in Jerry Stefek’s memory! To give the maximum impact, the TJSMCftC crew has donated the PayPal fees and ACS donation fees to make the full impact of your awesome donations! We definitely wanted to generate the maximum Good from your generosity and we’re happy to make that happen!

Thanks so much for your support – as a reminder, that brings our total donations up to $3,160.23 for total donations, and a maximum potential total impact of $4,446.46 if we hit the full match level from the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation! THAT IS AWESOME!

We had an incredibly successful year because of the staggering support of our donors and sponsors! We cannot say how much it means to us to help you all make a difference to so many through the hobby we love! THANK YOU FOR YOUR AWESOMENESS! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year – Cheers to 2022 and the Good we can do in the New Year! Take care and stay healthy, all!


Hello all! The donation links are open and our fine contributors have already answered the call! The Treasure Room has already filled with 7 contributors giving 5 Monster Donations (greater than $25) for a total hoard of $263 for the ACS! We haven’t even gotten to the first official day and we’re almost to $300! Thank you all!

Second, we have approvals for the completed memorial token! We’ll clean it up a bit, but this will be the token by Artificer Hazel with awesome artwork by Doug Kovacs and the logos of all our sponsors, Ioun Stone-style! Jerry would be well energized! Thank you to all our sponsors for allowing us to use their logos for a great commemorative for the occasion! We will mail this 2021 memorial token and the 2019 and 2020 tokens (while supplies last!) to you as a thank you for your $3 minimum pledge!

Please join us at our Twitch stream tomorrow at DCC Mayhem, December 11th, 2021 from 8 AM to Midnight to join our 4 charity live plays and contribute your dollars to help the American Cancer Society and their good works in Jerry’s memory! Check the Game and Donor Raffle schedule to be sure you are watching the entertaining play and in the running for your favorite raffle prizes – they are abundant and awesome! Use your donations to inject elements in the game for judge or player to spice up the action – we’re here for your pleasure!

Thank you for your support of The Jerry Stefek Memorial Crawl for the Cure: Ethermeet 2021!

Website: https://crawlforthecure.net/wpcftc/?page_id=844
Donation Page: https://crawlforthecure.net/wpcftc/?page_id=1059



Hello all! You have asked, and we have heard! We’ve made our Artifact Check and have Tiltify set up as well as our PayPal donate button if you would prefer to use that method of donation. We’re going to open these links tonight (near) Midnight so folks can donate at their leisure tomorrow if they cannot make the stream on Saturday! Find all the details on the donor page that can be navigated from the Ethermeet page. We will post a quick update when the links are live!

Additionally, we wanted to share that while you can fully enjoy the DCC Mayhem Twitch channel, DCC Mayhem will also be streamed through Tiltify proper on the The Jerry Stefek Memorial Crawl for the Cure: Ethermeet 2021 Campaign page. There you can watch our Tiltify donation totals, see the donations roll in live, and we’d appreciate it if you’d use the Twitter and Facebook links to help us spread the word! Otherwise, you can also just use the our Tiltify Donation Link to send your donation to the cause! We’ll have the Tiltify extension installed on DCC Mayhem, so you should be able to track progress there as well. We’ll update the Tiltify page description with the highest donor information between Tiltify and PayPal to keep everybody informed for the Troll Lord Games physical Players Handbook rewards!

We have also completed a memorial token design by our inhouse Artificer, Hazel! We are using company logos and have to get permission to do so, so we can only give you the less exciting front sneak peek which has been approved, but let’s say the back as a “Ioun feel” to it, and I’m personally excited to share it with you!

That’s about it for now! We’ll enable donation links on Thursday, Midnight, CST! We’re excited to bring this awesome event to you and looking forward to seeing all the good it will bring! Let’s do some Good, everybody! Visit https://crawlforthecure.net/wpcftc/?page_id=844 for all the latest updates!


Hello all!  Just an update to sweeten the mead for our donors!  Thank you to all of our extremely generous sponsors for their incredible support! Please take a click tour for your holiday shopping and give your adventurers some gems to savor! Troll Lord Games has added another physical PHB to the second highest donor, and all donors will receive a Digital Swag Pack including Castles & Crusades and Amazing Adventures merchandise, and the Sanctum Secorum Podcast has opened their vault of secrets for a hardcover prize to covet! 


  • To the highest donor: Troll Lord Games has offered the bounty of a Stephen Chenault signed Castles & Crusades 8th Printing Players Handbook!
  • To the second highest donor: Troll Lord Games will ship the Castles & Crusades 8th Printing Players Handbook!
  • Dandyline Games has bolstered the trove with 2 physical copies each of their adolescent misfit mayhem RPG, the Dare-Luck Club, and their new Mutant Crawl Classics release, In Search of the Un-K’Nown!
  • Stiff Whiskers Press has offered paired sets of 5 PDFs of their massive 900+ page Weird Frontiers RPG Rulebook and a set of their WF themed funky dice to lucky donors!
  • $25 Gift certificates from Frog God Games online store!
  • Sanctum Secorum has generously joined the fray donating with a hardcover DCC Annual to the raffles!
  • Studio 9 Games has generously contributed a hoard of Villagers and Villains and the expansion, City Builder, to lucky donors!
  • Awesome “Gaming Wizards” figures of Gary G and Dave A from MudPuppy Games! 
  • PDFs from Goodman Games, Troll Lord Games, Purple Sorcerer Games, Gamehole Publishing, 2 Old Guys Games, Thick Skull Adventures, Shield of Faith Studios, and MudPuppy Games!
  • Every donation of $3 or above will receive not only the memorial token for The Jerry Stefek Memorial Crawl for the Cure: Ethermeet 2021 (TBD – the artificers are engaged!), but also the tokens from the 2020 and 2019 Crawls for the Cure (while supplies last), sent straight to your door! Invoke your Doug Kovacs and build your Luck token stash!
  • ALL donations will receive a Digital Swag Pack from Troll Lord Games including the 7th Printing Players Handbook, Monsters and Treasures 3rd Printing, the Amazing Adventures 5th Ed quickstart rules, character sheets and adventures for both!
  • ALL donations will receive a code for a free PDF for Perils of the Sunken city from Purple Sorcerer Games!

One note on the Villagers and Villains with the City Builders expansion (MSRP around $40):  These will be out of pocket shipping, so I have to put some limitations on the reward.  We’re going to award these hourly to the highest donor minimum $15 (to minimally cover the shipping, in donations to the ACS).  We’re hoping this spurs some good-hearted competition for this very generous donation from Studio 9 Games! This is in addition to your raffle chance, and does not exclude you from that reward!

Additionally, for anything but the memorial tokens, we cannot afford international shipping, sorry. However, international donors are certainly eligible for the bountiful PDF rewards! Thank you for your understanding!  Let’s smite some disease, y’all! 

Please stay tuned to your favorite media and we will give you updates as they unfold!  Thank you for your support! We hope to see you all on December 11, 2021! 

Check out our website for more details and the latest updates: https://crawlforthecure.net