One week to go!

Hard at work testing for The Jerry Stefek Memorial Crawl for the Cure 2020 with Steve and Hazel! A disturbing snack choice of squishy sea gummies with a disconcerting Cthulhu cultist and her dog enjoying the tentacle attack… (They are tasty, though!)

Things are looking way cool and Haze helped me update the site quite a bit. ( Check it out for the game schedule and raffle update as well as our player roster! We have a fine RPG pedigree joining the event as players including the Roadworthy Jeff Bernstein (Purple Sorcerer funnel!), Glowburn’s past host and author Forrest Aguirre (Dark Trails demo funnel!), Spellburn’s Julian Bernick (Castles & Crusades) and Edwin Nagy (from the Skype of Cthulhu podcast, who will be in all day for THE LONG HAUL)! The OBS is shaping up pretty and is going to be a barrel o’ fun! Please check out the site for game day Twitch viewing and donation details for December 12th! We’d be honored to see you there! Thanks, all!

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