The Crawl has ended, but the loot was eye-boggling! Although many characters died in funnel games, their sacrifice was not in vain!

THANK YOU, all our tremendous donors, for contributing to The Jerry Stefek Memorial Crawl for the Cure 2020! Gamers and friends raised $1,527.17 between the Jerry Stefek Memorial site and PayPal to aid in cancer research and support! We are amazed by your support this year, and we hope to extend further and do more Good next year!

Check out the Treasure Room for the event: 66 Crawler Donations and 20 Monster Donations (>$25) led us up to our total! FUN STUFF!

Thank you to our amazing sponsors contributing their awesome work to our donors: Goodman Games, Purple Sorcerer Games, Stiff Whiskers Press, Gamehole Publishing, Troll Lord Games, 2 Old Guy Games, and Doug Kovacs/hobonomicon.com.

Please visit their sites and take a look at their extraordinary products: https://crawlforthecure.net/wpcftc/?page_id=70

Thank you also to Goodman Games and Troll Lord Games for hosting us during openings in their broadcast schedule on Twitch!

A very special thank you to Steve Seminerio and Hazel Welch for putting in the long hours with me to make this event a possibility – it would not have happened without you!

Thank you to our GMs, DM Nick and CK Jim for all their hard work getting their excellent adventures online for your enjoyment and spending the additional time working with us to get it through to Twitch for the viewers. Your time and talents are invaluable to the cause!

Thank you players for spending your day playing adventures with us and entertaining our audience! A very special thank you to Edwin Nagy and Rom Elwell for playing every game from start to finish (14 hours+!) to bring on the fun! Without the masterful tutelage of Edwin and his other artisans at Team Neg (https://www.extra-life.org/team/51023), the Crawl for the Cure would never have existed!

We do have some raffle prizes to determine that our tired admins lost in the cracks and we’ll get the communications out to everybody for their prizes very soon. It was an amazing event and we hope to make it all the better next year. Thank you, all, for helping us spread Good through this event!

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