Hello Crawlers! I am sorry about the late response from after the Crawl – a flurry of evil from a certain logging module up-ended the tech world a bit and I’m still in recovery! Thanks to you all for your patience!

We have tallied all between Tiltify and PayPal donations, as we have posted earlier, we received an astounding $3,160.23! One good thing came out of the delay, we were given an opportunity to double our impact by donating to a facility called the Hope Lodge in Baltimore, Maryland. ( The facility provides programs and support to cancer patients and caregivers in the Baltimore area. The Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation is pledging to match $2 million in donations to expand and renovate the facility and these support programs!

We took a vote of our donors and sponsors on whether to support ACS directly for research and support, or to use the money to match the project, and the overwhelming decision was to use the money for the Hope Lodge project; we have allocated these funds to the cause in Jerry Stefek’s memory! To give the maximum impact, the TJSMCftC crew has donated the PayPal fees and ACS donation fees to make the full impact of your awesome donations! We definitely wanted to generate the maximum Good from your generosity and we’re happy to make that happen!

Thanks so much for your support – as a reminder, that brings our total donations up to $3,160.23 for total donations, and a maximum potential total impact of $4,446.46 if we hit the full match level from the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation! THAT IS AWESOME!

We had an incredibly successful year because of the staggering support of our donors and sponsors! We cannot say how much it means to us to help you all make a difference to so many through the hobby we love! THANK YOU FOR YOUR AWESOMENESS! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year – Cheers to 2022 and the Good we can do in the New Year! Take care and stay healthy, all!

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