Hello all! Happy 2022! I just wanted to put out another update for The Jerry Stefek Memorial Crawl for the Cure: Ethermeet 2021! The memorial tokens are in and our crew fought the Chicago cold to get together and package up the physical thank yous for your incredible support for the Crawl! All the memorial tokens and physical rewards coming out of Crawl HQ have been packaged up and I’ll get these sent out this week as soon as I can get a block of time to get the postage figured and get them to the Post Office!

I also wanted to share with you this thank you letter from the American Cancer Society and Maryland’s Hope Lodge! The PayPal collected earnings were collectively approved by the donors and sponsors for this opportunity, allowing us to have our donation matched by the Schulze Family Foundation up to $2 million dollars to help folks in need. Our donation helps cancer victims, loved ones and caregivers better cope with their struggle during their care with free lodging and programs at the Hope Lodge! Thank you all for your gift to those who will benefit from this aid!

Happy New Year to all, thank you for your generosity and we’ll see you at the next Crawl – Gamehole Con 9, 2022!

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